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S E D N A   E P I C   E X P E D I T I O N

Arctic Landscape

Across Inuit NunangatSedna is the Goddess of the Sea and the mother of all marine mammals.  The Sedna Epic Expedition is a multi-year project in the High Arctic which brings together an interdisciplinary team of women ocean professionals focused on scouting, documenting and recording disappearing sea ice in the Arctic via snorkeling and scuba diving. In parallel, Sedna’s Sea Women run a mentorship program to empower girls and young women to tackle societal and environmental change in the Arctic.

Sedna_Day12_LastGreenlandDive (5) copy.j

2018 Sedna Epic Expedition Ship's (B)log

Dr. B.'s day-by-day of Team Sedna's 2018 expedition to Greenland and the Canadian High Arctic, featuring polar bears, robots, and at least one flooded drysuit.

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Article by Dr. B. in Arctic Relations about bringing the experience of the 2018 expedition back to her classroom.

"Students often reach the same conclusion: utterly struck by the deep unfairness that the people least responsible for climate change, who live closest to the land and have been its stewards for a thousand years, are the first to be affected by it."


Interview with Dr. B. in Lady Science about the ecofeminism of Frankenstein, gender in Arctic literature, and preparing for the 2018 expedition.

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