August 5 / Ottawa

August 6, 2018





I made it to Ottawa late last night and rendezvoused with the crew, and we spent today doing expedition prep at the Royal Canadian Geographical Society (photo, right).


This team is full of incredible kickass women: two members of the Women Divers Hall of Fame, the first Canadian woman to summit the highest peak on every continent, one of RCGS’s Top 25 Women Explorers, to name just four. All are experts in their respective ocean fields (ROVs, hydrography, archaeology, photography, geology, policy, culture, and more) and passionate about environmental justice and mentoring young women.


And a note on the "planned" itinerary...


Throw it out the window!


Our original plan was to take a charter flight tomorrow morning to Resolute Bay, but the sea ice is shifting in ways that are highly unusual for early August. Per today’s report from the Canadian Ice Service, the approach to Resolute Bay is over 90% pack ice; thus, the boat can’t meet us in Resolute as planned. Instead, we will reverse our itinerary somewhat and fly to Kangerlussuaq tomorrow instead to meet the boat and sail north along Greenland’s western fjords then cross Davis Strait to Baffin Island. 


Today's ice chart (Canadian Ice Service). Red is >90% ice concentration. 


Having to make this change straightaway is a great early reminder of the importance of what our Inuit cultural advisors emphasize: listening to sea and the land and adapting accordingly. We’ll still be conducting all our planned programs with Inuit youth, and we will get underwater on sites that have never before been seen by snorkelers or divers, just in the order that Sedna (Inuit goddess of the sea) lays out for us.


From our divemasters' brief today. 


And on that note: It’s looking like we’ll be totally out of internet range between August 6-17 (even satellite phone will be weather-dependent), so I’ll be writing daily posts and will publish them all as soon as we’re back in range. If I’m able to snag a little bit of signal it will probably only be strong enough for a tweet ( or a quick FB post. 


I can’t wait to share this journey with you.  Onward to Greenland!

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August 5 / Ottawa

August 6, 2018

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