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Workshop & Installation

October 3-6, 2019 /  Montreal

Tukisiqattautiniq (Understanding Each Other) Through Making Literature Together” is a bilingual interactive workshop which will explore the ways in which collaborative writing can help facilitate cultural and generational understanding as well cooperation as between traditional and academic epistemologies.  The workshop will yield a communally-created public poetry installation entitled “Tukisiqattautiniq” to be displayed at the conference and preserved digitally.

We anticipate that this will be a particularly powerful project at such an interdisciplinary conference, among attendees whose home fields span both the humanities and the sciences.  From an academic perspective, though we are conscientious of ecomaterialism’s emphasis on storied matter, we believe that existing critical theory is neither equipped nor appropriate for considering Indigenous literary methodologies.  Thus, this collaborative poetry workshop—like the conference itself—aims for understanding and cooperation between academic and traditional knowledge.

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