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"Dr. B." to her students, Kelly Bushnell has taught at the University of London and the University of West Florida as well as the two-year college level in the U.S.   She has been a Distinguished Teaching Award finalist, and was awarded the 2018 Mary F. Rogers Faculty Award for her work with the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program at the University of West Florida.  She has also directed MA theses and senior capstone projects as well as taught abroad to American students at the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Greenwich, London.

Her courses are high-impact and interdisciplinary; students regularly engage the public sphere, including organizing community symposia, meeting scholars and activists, and becoming part of Dr. B.’s own adventures around the world.  She is active in curriculum development as well; as a delegate to the Council on Undergraduate Research’s Humanities Institute in 2016 she worked with a national mentor to develop a University Vision Statement for High Impact Practices and Undergraduate Humanities Research, and she has facilitated orientations and in-service training for new humanities faculty.

Whether or not students become professional literary critics—or ever take another literature course—they leave her classroom with the understanding that literature is a pathway to access the past, present, and future, and they leave empowered to interpret an increasingly complex world.

Spring 2020 she will be Visiting Assistant Professor of Literature of the Sea at the Williams College-Mystic Seaport Maritime Studies Program in Mystic, Connecticut.